Compressor/Gate/Limiter dbx 166XL


Goof-proof operation to smooth uneven levels, add sustain to guitars, fatten drums, or tighten up mixes.

New! gate timing algorithms ensure the smoothest release characteristics.

Program-adaptive expander/gates.

Great sounding dynamics control for any type of program material.

Separate precision LED displays for gain reduction, compression threshold, and gate threshold allow quick, accurate setup.

Stereo or dual-mono operation.

Balanced inputs and outputs on 1/4 in. TRS and XLR.

Side Chain insert.

Classic dbx “Auto” mode.

Technical Info


Connector: 1/4 in. Phone and XLR Floating Balanced; XLR: Pin & TIP HI
Impedance: >40k
Maximum Level: +24dBu, Balanced or Unbalanced
CMRR: >45dB

Connector: 1/4 in. Phone: Normalled: Ring = Send; Tip = Return
Impedance: Ring = 2k; Tip = >10k
Maximum Level: +24dBu


Connector: 1/4 in. TRS Phone and XLR, Floating Balanced; XLR: Pin & TIP HI
Impedance: 100
Maximum Level: +20dBu, Balanced or Unbalanced
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz; +0,-0.5dB, Typical 3dB points are 0.35Hz & 170kHz
THD: Typically <0.2%; style=”color: rgb(0, 0, 102); font-weight: bold;”>Compressor

Threshold Range: -40dBu to +20dBu
Threshold Characteristic: Selectable OverEasy(TM) or Hard Knee
Compression Ratio: Variable 1:1 to Infinity:1; 50dB maximum compression
Attack Time: Program-Dependent; Typically 5ms (Fast MODE), 15ms (SLOW MODE) for 15dB gain reduction
Release Time: Program-Dependent; Typically 50dB/Sec (Fast MODE), 8dB/Sec (SLOW MODE)


Threshold Range: OFF to +15dBu
Expansion Ratio: 10:1
Maximum Depth: .50dB
Attack Time: <500ms style=”color: rgb(0, 0, 102); font-weight: bold;” mce_style=”color: #000066; font-weight: bold;”>System Performance

Gain Adjustment Range: Variable; -20dB to +20dB
Interchannel Crosstalk: -80dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
Dynamic Range: 113dB
Stereo Coupling: True Power Summing


Operating Voltage: DO: 90-130VAC, 50/60Hz; EU: 200 -250VAC, 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature: 0 degrees C to 45 degrees C (32 degrees F to 113 degrees F)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.75 x 19 x 6.5 in. (4.45 x 48.2 x 16.5 cm)
Net Weight: 4.41 lbs. (1.99 kg)
Shipping Weight: 6.62 lbs. (2.99 kg)
Made in China

Comprosser/Gater di atas dalam keadaan baru lengkap kardus manual book.
Saya akan menjual dengan harga Rp.1.750.000 + ongkos kirim


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  1. original atau kw ?

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